Strategic partnership leverages AI for cancer clinical trial placement

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Massive Bio, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered company focused on cancer clinical trial enrollment, will combine its ability to surface personalized clinical trial options with Azra AI’s proprietary AI software. 

Azra AI’s software, used in over 200 hospitals, reads pathology and reports in a fraction of a second, which according to the partnered companies, is significantly longer than the one to two minutes it takes for clinical teams to read the same reports.

Massive Bio’s platform, which is powered by 170 algorithms, connects cancer patients with relevant clinical trials. Massive Bio’s platform, which has onboarded more than 100,000 patients, is also able to account for social determinants of health.

According to Selin Kurnaz, co-founder and CEO of Massive Bio, “Data is the key to identifying the clinical trial that offers a patient the best chance at a positive outcome.”​ Using the AI platform clinical teams have an increased bandwidth for placing cancer patients with the best clinical trial opportunity.

Kurnaz told us, “I think this collaboration will have a tremendous impact by helping to instill greater confidence in patients that they have received the right diagnosis, and [that] they’re receiving only the best recommendations for clinical trials.

“That confidence will translate to higher enrollment and greater retention rates in clinical trials.”

According to Kurnaz, the partnership also eliminates unconscious bias as a barrier to enrollment in clinical trials by using artificial intelligence to identify a malignancy, then linking that diagnosis to data-driven recommendations for the patient’s treatment options through massive Bio’s AI platform.

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