I got dress coded at the gym for my top choice, people say it’s ridiculous & I should switch clubs instantly

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WHETHER you’re working out at an upscale fitness center or your local YMCA, almost everywhere has a dress code – but some are stricter than others.

One fitness fan revealed she is now considering switching gyms after she says she was unfairly dress coded over her outfit.


Exercise junkie Katy got dress coded at her gym, and people think she should switch instantlyCredit: TikTok/@katyliftz

Exercise junkie Katy shared that she was working out when she got told her outfit was inappropriate, in a recent TikTok.

“I got dress coded at the gym for this outfit,” she says as she lifts a squat rack over her head.

Katy’s wearing long royal blue leggings and a tight black short-sleeve T-shirt.

She said that the cropped shirt had been deemed inappropriate because it showed her midriff.

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“Please let me live, it’s an A7 shirt,” she pleaded in the footage.

An A7 T-shirt has built-in gripping, so she can easily hold a squat bar on her shoulders.

“I wouldn’t need it if your equipment was good,” Katy admits.

Viewers thought her dress code violation was ridiculous and a good reason for her to switch facilities.

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“Why would you get coded for that?” One individual asked.

Katy responded: “My midriff was showing.”

“I would switch gyms instantly,” an honest individual wrote, while another agreed: “Whatt? So uncalled for this is a very modest gym outfit!”

An unlikely connection came through in one woman’s comment.

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“Omg i go to the same gym and the dress code is bc i still see people walking around with short shorts or tanks but theyre not coded,” she said.

“I see girls/guys practically naked in the gym…what the poop is this gyms problem??” A baffled viewer questioned.

Katy was dress coded for wearing a tight black A7 T-shirt


Katy was dress coded for wearing a tight black A7 T-shirtCredit: TikTok/@katyliftz

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