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DigitalReef Buys Caller ID Personalization Firm Vyng

November 23 2022

In the US, mobile marketing tech firm DigitalReef has acquired Vyng, which provides contextually relevant visuals to a mobile device’s lock screen with every phone call, message, and notification. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Mark YackanichVyng’s dialer features caller ID, spam call blocking, video caller ID, video ringtones, call messaging and more, while rewarding users with redeemable tokens, for making the calls they already make. Its tech displays full-screen videos and images of who’s calling, visual enhancements for calls from verified businesses, and a whitelist model built on a database of billions of numbers, to ensure verified callers get through and spammers don’t. The firm has released multiple mobile apps, triggered more than 5,000,000,000 lock screen videos, and attained nineteen US patents, one Chinese patent, with active filings in six major countries.

DigitalReef says the acquisition gives brands and publishers the ability to enhance the entire mobile device experience, adding to its own offer, which connects more than 350 million registered devices with over 3,000 active partnerships with brands, publishers and operators, and delivers audience targeting and segmentation through first- and third-party data aggregation. As part of the deal, DigitalReef will integrate its own ad platform with Vyng’s patented technology, that connects publishers and brands to more than 530 million registered devices.

Mark Yackanich (pictured), DigitalReef President and COO, comments: ‘The lock screen is the new battleground for mobile content and advertising. To make it social and fun, while also driving revenue and engagement, is the key to unlocking billions of untapped value. From data rewards to the core dialer application and notifications, we see a massive opportunity to improve the mobile user experience and create better engagement with mobile audiences on-device.’

Web sites: www.digitalreef.com and www.vyng.me .

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