Aaron Rodgers talks turkey and Thanksgiving plans with the Crosbys

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There’s no 25-pound Butterball turkey thawing at Aaron Rodgers’ house.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback isn’t hosting Thanksgiving this year, but he plans to enjoy the feast kicker Mason Crosby and his wife Molly will be serving up.

During his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday, Rodgers talked turkey before he got into his injured thumb, “wobblers,” his future and other football-related matters. He said Thanksgiving ranks as “one of my favorite celebrated holidays,” which might explain why he was downright jovial talking about it — even if he did get aced out of hosting duties among some of the players this time around.

“There’s never really been too many competing parties, but this year the Crosbys, you know those kickers, they rose up and said, ‘Not this year. This year is ours,’” Rodgers said, giving it a dramatic telling for humor. “I was assuming the Bakhtiaris (David and Frankie) and the Cobbs (Randall and Aiyda) would kind of triple host this thing at my house gladly like I’ve done in the past, but the Crosbys kind of jumped in there and bogarted all of our guest lists, so it’s at the Crosbys this year.”

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